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Help: Money

Monetary system Batmud has a unique monetary system. Your total amount of money you are carrying is shown with the score command. In reality you are carrying money of different types (you can see what you are carrying by typing 'i'). Each type of coin weights 1 gram, so the more expensive coins you have the less weight you are carrying. Whenever you buy something your money is used by using the cheapest coins first. You can handle various types of coins by using the following formats: drop 100 tin give 50 zinc to anipa The exchange rates for each type of coin: Mithril 500.0 Batium 100.0 Anipium 50.0 Platinum 10.0 Gold 1.0 Silver 0.6 Bronze 0.4 Copper 0.2 Tin 0.1 Zinc 0.05 Mowgles 0.01 ++Anipa

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