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Help: Movement

Movement -------- You move by typing in the direction, for example 'north' or 'enter'. You can shorten the basic directions, so 'n' works just like 'north' and 'ne' just like 'northeast'. You can move several rooms with '# e'. The number # is limited to 20. For example, if you type '8 e' you'll try to move 8 times to east. At certain level you can use this to repeat other commands, too. (help parser) On the overworld map, and in some cities, you can use capital letters to move several rooms: 'SE' will move 20 rooms southeast, or until the terrain changes. If you are on a road, you can use the 'travel' command, which has its own nifty help file (help travel). That's it, the basics of movement in batmud, happy adventuring. SEE ALSO exits, travel, parser, ferry, map

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