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Help: Multiple characters

Multiple Characters =================== BatMUD allows you to have a secondary character with some restrictions. 1) The creation date of the primary character must be older than that of the secondary character, 2) The secondary character must be registered within 24 hours of creation on Dortlewall Crystite Plaza, on Pleasantville Village Square or in Arelium, in front of Adventurer's Guild (all have a device created for this purpose). This information is visible to everyone in both characters finger information, 3) The primary and secondary characters may not be in the game at the same time, 4) Indirect interaction is not restricted however (such as sharing castle rooms and EQ), 5) Offences committed by the player using either character are enforceable on all characters of a given player (so for example, a secondary steals something, it's quite fine to demand it back from the primary, as long as the regular pkilling etc. rules are observed), 6) Wizards, especially Malars, are forbidden from having a secondary character If you fail to register your character, or you have your characters online at the same time, the below rules apply, just as before. Only one character per player is allowed online. Punishment for having more than one character is removal of ALL your characters. However, you can reincarnate your character to a different race, background and guild. Multiple characters logging in from the same dynamic IP address (using the same internet account) is a pretty clear indication of potential cheating and will be investigated. Two players using the same computer is not, in and of itself, illegal. However, if you tell a friend of yours "make a new character and have him do what I tell you", that is just as much multiplaying as if you did it yourself. You may not create a secondary character to chat with people if you have been banned. Banishment is a punishment and is meant to be suffered. Multiple players using the SAME character is forbidden. Such characters will be removed, along with all other characters belonging to the players who used it. This includes having someone log in with your character to chest things or talk to people when you cannot (i.e. links are down, etc). Wizards playing mortal characters are subject to purge at any time without warning. SEE ALSO: help cheating, help reincarnation, help recreate

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