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Help: Name change

Name change: ============ Alot of the data in the mud is tied to your character name - the ownership of your pcity room, LoC blades and alchemist potions to name a few. Also, other players form their opinions and remember your name for the deeds you have done. Because of the amount of work that is required to properly rename a character, and the often ambigous reasons for pleading for such a change, THE ARCHWIZARDS DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME OF CHARACTERS upon request. Archwizards may at their own decision and initiative rename (or remove) characters with confusing, silly or offensive names tho. Begging for a name change will not lead to one tho, if you've earned yourself a bad reputation among other players, you'll just have to deal with it. The official way to get a new name is to rebirth. See also: help silly names, help whining, help player killing, help stealing, help multiple characters

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