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Help: Navigators

The Association of Mystical Navigators -------------------------------------- About the guild: ---------------- The Mystical Navigators are an ancient guild focusing on traveling magic. Through the rediscovery of the ancestral guild of the navigators, certain magic-using adventurers are able to train the lost spells of travel in one specialized guild. The Navigator will learn how to magically travel from one location to another, as well as assisting others in traveling through spells such as summoning and mobile cannon, and offering protection to prevent these spells from being used upon the unwilling. The Navigator will also train important skills to enhance and increase the reliability of these spells. Only adventurers that have reached the final level in a magic-oriented guild (most non-nomadic guilds) can join the Mystical Navigators. Since the Navigators are a guild of travel and exploration, it is required to have knowledge of the world before joining. To join, one must have explored at least 15% of the world, and an additional 15% for each consecutive level, reaching a pinnacle of 5-levels/75% explore. A Navigator should always look at the crystal before attempting to advance and/or increase knowledge of a spell or skill. Where to find it: ----------------- The Navigator guild is hidden to the east of Shadowkeep on Rothikgen. To get there, one must follow either road north or south of Shadowkeep until reaching a fork in the road, and by following the fork in an easterly direction. There will be a footpath heading east, near a bridge, with a sign directing towards the Barbarian guild. Follow this footpath in a southeasterly direction, through another fork, until the path straightens out to the east. At this point, head directly west into the mountains and the unmarked Navigator maze that contains the Navigator guild.

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