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Help: Newbie crystal

Newbie crystal is granted automatically to new players, designed to smooth out the learning curve when starting the game. It has several actions that it can perform to help the new adventurer. The strength of the actions will wane as you progress, and the timeouts will increase. In case one loses a crystal, a new crystal can be acquired by visiting Damogran, or remotely with 'tell damogran crystal'. The following are available at all times: crystal light - light up the crystal crystal dark - make crystal emit darkness crystal off - turns lights/darkness off The following are tied to eachother. When one heal is used, one must wait a level-dependant time period before being able to use any of the heals. crystal heal - heals hps crystal power - heals sps crystal endurance - heals eps crystal replenish - heals a little of hps, sps and eps One can invoke infravision or floating from crystal. You can only use them once an hour though, and you can't activate both at the same time. crystal infra - activate infravision crystal floating - activate floating Crystal can teleport one around. The time between the teleports grows as one gains more levels. These stop working sooner than the other activations. crystal recall - teleport to starting location crystal recall arelium - teleport to arelium church crystal help - longer help touch crystal - shows which specials are ready

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