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Help: Newbie helpers

About newbie helpers -------------------- Newbie helpers are mortals that have been playing a while and are interested in assisting newcomers to get their playing going. They are *NOT* obliged to make experience for newbies, to give money or equipment to them or perform any similar services for them. They are also *NOT* obliged to answer questions presented by players that are not newcomers; level 30+ or so. Of course they are not prohibited to do so either. Nonetheless, their target audience is newbies, not lowbies or midbies. They *ARE* obliged to answer to questions newcomers address either directly to them or on the newbie channel... assuming that the questions are not insulting or otherwise invalid. If you get repeatedly killed without a reason by a player (read 'help player killing'), a newbie helper might be able to help you out. Obviously, there cannot be an exact criteria for what one must do and what not. It is however desirable that the persons granted this status have the necessary patience for dealing with (often silly) questions that new players tend to ask. We all asked silly questions, except the archwizards, who are always right and have powers to alter the past too. How do I spot a newbie helper? ------------------------------ There are various ways to spot a newbie helper; easiest is to type 'who helper' which shows all the helpers in the game currently. When helpers talk on [newbie]-channel, their name has a 'the Helper'-addition to it: Shardik the Helper : hi :) These guys are obliged to give truthful answers to questions, so if they lie to you or mock you... see the next chapter. This newbie helper helped me by killing me :-( ---------------------------------------------- Grr, what a putz. Report her to a wizard or mention this on [newbie]-channel. You see the online wizards by typing the command 'whos wiz'. How do I become a newbie helper? -------------------------------- You request this status from the immortals. All archwizards are able to grant it, some wizards as well. Ask directly or ask on channel, sooner or later you are told 'yes' or 'no' :) SEE ALSO getting started, quickstart

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