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Help: Newsgroups

Public newsgroups in BatMUD =========================== In order to provide players with information about changes, as well as forums where to debate various topics, BatMUD provides some public news- groups. Below is a list of some of them, and their stated purpose. Inform - Low traffic newsgroup in which major changes in the game mechanics are announced, as well as larger sections of new content (new areas, new guilds etc). - Only wizards can post articles into this group. Updates - Medium traffic newsgroup in which minor changes in the game mechanics are announced. - Only wizards can post articles into this group. General - Medium traffic newgroup in which minor changes are announced by wizards. - Players can also post to this newsgroup to announce events (cons) or other things which are likely to be of importance to most of the MUD. Implementational ideas should be posted in ideas-wanted tho! Ideas-wanted - A forum in which ideas about gamedevelopment can be introduced by players and which can be commented on by both players and wizards alike. - Please remain civil when replying to suggestions, even if you disagree with the core points in it. Flames - A newsgroup for venting stress and anger. We all have our bad days and sometimes it's good to express your frustration, but avoid going into personal (rl) insults about players and wizards alike. Sales - A newsgroup in which to annouce items for sale, or your desire to purchase something. Only mudrelated transactions are allowed (help trading), and keep in mind that the 'sales' and 'wanted' channels often generates much faster response. Bs - A group filled with bovine crap, i.e. pretty much any kind of messages that don't fit any of the above groups. Hence the 'bs' group is high traffic and the quality of the postings can be quite dubious. Fin, - Newsgroups in finnish in which the topics and quality of the posts vary widely. SEE ALSO help news, help trading, help politeness

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