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Help: Nuns

The Sisters of Las ------------------ About the guild: ---------------- The Sisters of Las are nuns who are dedicated to fighting the evil entities and undead in BatMud. Nuns get access to a variety of offensive spells to destroy evil creatures and undead of all kinds, as well as protection spells against said monsters. There is also a range of utility spells, as well as a few weak healing spells which nuns can master to a certain extent. The highest Authority in the guild is the Synod, which consists of the Guild leader, and 4 elected nuns. They are responsible for holding prayer hours, which every nun should attend to, and only they have the right to invite new members to the guild. Las is a demanding god, thus his followers have certain duties and chores. Every nun has to turn undead regularly, as well as donating clothing and food to the orphanage. There is also a wide range of quests that a nun has to complete to earn the knowledge of the more powerful skills and spells of the guild. Becoming a good nun is a long and tedious path, and requires a lot of work. The most dedicated sisters may get promoted to elder nuns, and it is said that those are always in favour of Las. Where to find it: ----------------- The Sisters of Las reside in a convent, which is located in a secluded valley to the northeast of Shadowkeep on rothikgen. It is rumored that the valley can only be reached through a secret passage that leads through the rock, the entrance is well hidden in a forest on the east side of the mountains. Only females may enter the convent, and only those of good religious background may request to join.

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