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Help: Pantheon

,--^o^-------------------------------------------------------------------^o^--. | The list of deities of BatMUD | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' ^o^ Primordial Gods and Primordial Goddesses ^o^ Matter * Beldarus, the Hammer of Worlds Nature * Loraen, Goddess of the Earth ^o^ High Gods and High Goddesses ^o^ Good * Aveallis, Lord of Light Neutrality * Lumine, Mistress of Twilight Evil * Draen-Dalar, Overlord of Darkness ^o^ Gods and Goddesses ^o^ Magic * Aeo, the Flow of Magic Healing * Tarmalen, God of True Healing Weather * Laesa, Goddess of the Elements Draining * Sa'hr, Goddess of Blood Undead * Oxtoth, God of Decay Horror * Azathoth, the unspoken one ^o^ Second Generation of Gods and Goddesses ^o^ Reincarnation * Ahm, the Ever-changing, the Unstable Resurrection * Kauwenda, the Goddess Beyond the Veil Balance * Esachen, Protector of Stability Manipulation * Heliana the Capricious, Misleading Goddess Self Modification * Galean, the Selfish Murder * Curath, the Designer of Deception ^o^ Demi Gods ^o^ Justice * Las, the Anvil of Good Inns and taverns * Hemet, the Drunken God War * Faerwon, God of Holy War Trade * Cipro, the God of Merchants Harming * Burglefloogah, God of Reptiles Undead * Nitocris, Ghoul Queen of the dead ^o^ Chaos Powers (greater) ^o^ Chaos * Azzarakk the Devourer ^o^ Chaos Powers (immediate) ^o^ Poisons * Aelena the Slayer, Queen of Poisons Blood * Kharim the Thirsty, God of Blood Rot and Disease * Nergal the Infested, Lord of the rot Beasts and rage * Tzarakk the Hunter, Master of the Beasts ^o^ Immortal Champions ^o^ Weapons * Sparchak, Hero of Atie, Weaponsmaster Defensive * Grundor, The Bulwark of Lorenchia Evasive * Sashita, Heroine of the Oppressed Music * Noitulove, the Forger of Songs

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