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Help: Parser

*************************************************************************** Additional features of the parser PARSER Any command prefixed with @ is escaped from editor, news, rep, etc. Prefixing your triggers with @ is highly recommended. Any command prefixed with @@ is not pre-parsed. That is, command aliases ('command') and aliases ('alias') are not expanded, and builtin commands are ignored as well. Note that the command will also be escaped, like commands prefixed with a single @. The command prefixed with @@ will not be added into the command history. Any command prefixed with # is echoed with commands and aliases parsed as if 'set echo' was on. This option cannot be combined with @ or @@. You can turn off all parsing of commands and aliases with 'set parse off'. Note that builtin commands are also turned off with this. You can nest your other commands, or builtins, inside your commands, as long as they're not the first item. Eg. "command t tell $*", and "command t1 ;t somebody $*". Here ; is your delimeter (see below). Help command for more information about commands. REPEAT You can repeat a command by prefixing it with a number, for example '4 smile' would smile four times. Maximum repetition is 20. Players below level 30 can only repeat a limited set of commands (primarily movement). HISTORY history - View your command history. !? - Same as above. ! - Repeat last command. ! [extra] Repeat a command from history. Extra is added after the command. Latest command is 1, the one before it is 2, and so on. ! Repeat the last command starting with . Does not support adding [extra]. NOTE: Commands that are less than five characters long are not stored in the history. DELIMITER You can write multiple commands on one line by separating them with a special delimiting character. This separator, often simply called a delim, is ';' by default, and it can be set with 'set delim '. The delim can be one or two characters long and may not contain alphanumeric characters or $. Warning - your commands will be updated when you change your delim. This may break the commands if you for example set your delim to '*'. You can turn off delimiter with 'set nodelim on'. PIPE If you have 'set pipe_commands on', you can use another delimiter, '|'. The results of the first command are used as input to the command after the '|'. The effects can be duplicated with 'quote'. EXAMPLES !cast ma Repeats the last command starting with 'cast ma', for example 'cast magic missile at rat' would match. tell heidel long time !1 no see Repeats the command 'tell heidel long time' and adds the 'no see' after it, resulting in 'tell heidel long time no see' command look say $* look at cat Say 'at cat'. @@look at cat Look at cat. 4 drop torch Repeat drop torch four times. clairvoyance|say If you have set pipe_commands on, says whatever 'clairvoyance' would show. The command 'quote clairvoyance say' would do the same thing, and does not require 'set pipe_commands on'. NOTES Most mudclients have their own parser. Having both parsers on might lead to confusing situations. For example, if you set your BatMUD- delim, you might still be unable to use ; characters, because your mudclient parses them. See the helps of your mudclient on how to turn the parser off. SEE ALSO command, alias, rep, builtin, set, quote

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