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Help: Player city administration

The Player City Administration System Player city administration has two levels, city-level and room level. City level administration applies in all rooms in the city (with possible exceptions of single rooms, see room ownership below). Room level administration applies in a single room. City level administration City level administration is based on lists. A list consists of group of players, and it has some rights given by city council (for example the privilege to be not attacked by aggressive city guards). Every player who belongs to certain list has all the rights the list in question has. A player can only be member of one list at time. All players can be members of one list, too. City council (and possibly some other players, too) can view all possible privileges in city town hall. When city is founded, the founder automatically becomes a member of list 'council'. This is the only automatically created list in city administration, and it is special in three ways: -council list can never be empty (at least one player always belongs to it), and it can't be removed from system -if player is added to council by another member, he may resign from it himself (if at least one player remains), but NO OTHER player may remove him from it -privileges of council can't be modified. Council has all privileges (in city level) by default Other lists are created and given privileges by council. If some list (for example list 'foo') is given the right to create other lists, members of 'foo' may create them, give them every right that list 'foo' has, add players to them and remove them. Every list that is created by 'foo' can be administrated by all lists that can administrate 'foo'. Room level administration Every room in the city is owned by someone (list or individual player(s)). Room owners -are allowed to build and demolish the room they own -are allowed to change descs in the room -are allowed to command all city guards in the room -will not be attacked by aggressive guards in room -will not be blocked by blocking guards in room -are allowed to give ownership away or add new individual owners Initially, city council owns all the rooms in city. They can share the ownership with other lists if they wish. They can also give the ownership to individual player. In this case that player becomes the only owner of the room in question, and NOBODY else has any privileges in that room (yes, that means even city council). The ownership can't be taken away from individual owner, but he may give it away himself, individual owners are in a way 'city council of that one room'. An individual owner may share the ownership with other individual players, who then have exactly the same privileges as original owner. If all owners of a room resign, the ownership is automatically returned to city council. Room ownership is not changed if room is demolished and/or built. All changes must be actively made by owners.

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