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Help: Player city guards

Player City Guards City guards can be hired from city guard house. Guards can learn skills and spells if the hirer defines them BEFORE he hires the guard. Guards know some skills by default. Guards' level can be raised after they are hired. They need to visit the trainer in guard house to do that. Training level afterwards is bit more expensive than hiring the guard which is directly at same level. The hiring cost depends on the amount of skills, spells and level. In addition, some skills/spells may be more expensive than others. The skill and spell percentages of guard are determined by skill/spell difficulty and level. Every city guard can be referred with word "guard" independently of their name and description. NOTE: When guards are following someone, they aren't saved. The room will save guard only if it is not following anyone. Using guards to trap or kill unsuspecting players that enter to your city from outworld is prohibited. In practise this means, that you are not allowed to place aggressive guards to the entrance rooms of your city, nor are you allowed to use them to block every exit from those rooms. However, you may (naturally) use guards to block the further access to the city. Also player killing using your city guards is prohibited. NOTE2: Building modules over guards will destroy the guards. NOTE3: Even if you COULD somehow take your guards out of your city to the outworld, it is forbidden to use them for killing monsters or ambushing your poor fellow mortals.

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