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Help: Player quest creation

PLAYER QUEST CREATION --------------------- Introduction After being approved, a player may use the 'pquest' command in the quest room. This command allows the use of an entire menu of commands (shown by simply typing 'pquest'). The first command that should be used is 'pquest help create'. This will show the help for the create command. Before using the create command, the player must come up with a unique name for the quest. It should be well thought out, as it cannot be changed later (offensive names will be purged). After the quest has been created, more commands become available. Actions Actions are the tasks that must be accomplished in order for the quest to be completed. Again, help is available by typing 'pquest help action'. To define an action, a marker must be purchased using the 'pquest action buy' command. Once purchased, this marker has its own set of commands. Typing the command 'marker' will show a short list of these commands, while 'marker help' will show a more complete explanation. Difficulty The difficulty of the quest can be set using the command 'pquest difficulty'. This value is shown when a player requests information about the quest from the quest room. It is left to the master's discretion to determine what this value should be. Editing Using the 'pquest edit' command, a master can choose a quest to edit. The quest being edited will default to the quest most recently purchased. Features Additional features may be added to a quest using the 'pquest feature' command. Using the command 'pquest feature list' will produce a list of features that can be added to a player quest. Using the command 'pquest help feature ' where is the name of a feature will display that feature's description. Features may allow for additional constraints or they might allow additional functionality. Locking Initially, a quest is locked after it is created. Which means that it is hidden from mortal view and no other mortals may attempt it until it is unlocked. 'pquest lock' may be used to show this status, add it, or remove it. It is important that this status be removed after the quest has been set up so that players may attempt the quest. Description The long description for the quest is one of the first things that should be set. It should describe what it is that a player attempting the quest should do in order to complete the quest. It should not go in to gross detail. Hints After an action has been created, a hint may be added to it to give the player some information about what he or she must do to complete it. Using the 'pquest hint' command, hints can be added, removed, or shown. Other Other commands may become available and have their own helps.

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