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Help: Player quests

PLAYER QUESTS ------------- Introduction Player quests are the immortals' gift to the clever and creative player who wishes to challenge his or her other mortal friends and enemies. No longer will it be only the wizards in their ivory towers overlooking the sunbathed clouds pouring rain down on the enduring mortals, who can attempt this awesome feet. No longer will other mortals suffer only at the hands of evil wizards and demonized arches. No longer will wizards be the few to hear the cries of helpless questors. In particular, only the elite that are worthy and have enough experience in this game will be allowed to craft a player quest. Once approved, these few must then purchase their quests to become quest masters. Upon assuming the mantle of quest master, the new master will acquire the item that symbolizes the fortitude and greatness attainable only by repeated success. The master will then assume the burden of crafting a quest that is challenging but possible. Some proven quest masters may be chosen to ascend to the level of approver. Approvers will have the additional responsibility of determining the worthiness of would-be masters. Attempting Player Quests Any player can participate in a player quest. To do so, a player quest scroll must be obtained from Cyrus Stonefist, in the quest room. The player must then attempt the quest using the scroll. Even for player quests that can be completed in party, each member must attempt the quest. Upon obtaining a scroll from Cyrus, 'scroll help' is a good place to start. Creating A Player Quest Player quests can only be created by players that have achieved the necessary levels of experience within the game. These criteria include player age and total number of completed quests. Only Cyrus will determine when a player is ready enough to undertake this challenge. When Cyrus has determined that a player is ready, the player must be approved by a player approver (or wizard, if none are available -- the note on the wall in the quest room will show who the approvers are and whether or not they are online). Once approved, the player may use the 'pquest' command in the quest room and must then purchase the quest to become a quest master. The quest must be purchased with gold in player inventory, it will not be taken from the bank. Once a quest has been purchased, its name CAN NOT be changed, so it should be chosen wisely. If the name is offensive, the quest may be removed and the quest master could be banned from creating or participating in player quests in the future. Frequently Asked Questions Q: When a quest master tries to purchase a quest, its actions or features, will I be asked if I really want to spend that amount of money on it? A: No. The price for a quest, its actions or features is given either in the command help ('pquest help create' or 'pquest help action') or by an additional command ('pquest feature list'). The price may be expensive, so be careful what you ask for. Q: I'm attempting a player quest, and I can't figure out what to do next. Who do I talk to for help? A: The creator of the quest, if you know who it is, or other players who have completed the quest. If the quest is not hidden, it can be displayed using the command 'info ' in the quest room. Q: I know what to do to complete the next action for this player quest, but it doesn't work, what should I do? A: Again, talk to the creator of the quest. It is the responsibility of the quest master to create a quest that is doable and to test it. It is NOT the responsibility of the wizards to make sure that this is the case. Q: I'm creating a quest, and I can't get a particular action to work in the area that I'm in. What should I do? A: Player quest actions are designed to be robust, but they will not work in all areas, for all circumstances. Wizards will not be asked to change their areas to accomodate player quest actions. Ultimately, the responsibility still falls on the back of the quest master to implement and test his or her quest to make sure that the actions DO work. Q: Can I ask a wizard approver for help about player quests or a particular player quest? A: As a last resort. If the question concerns a particular player quest, and what to do next don't bother. Q: I lost my quest master item some how, how do I get it back? A: Go to the quest room, it should return. Q: I am a quest master, but I rebirthed and changed my name. I lost my item and now I don't have access to my player quest, what should I do? A: Speak with a wizard approver. A wizard approver can convert your quest and restore your item. Additional Help Ask Cyrus Stonefist about additional topics.

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