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Help: Politeness

Help Page: Politeness --------------------------------------- When addressing a Wizard or higher, always remember to Address him politely. While the Arches has the final word on who is to be banished, removed or suffer a loss of levels etc, insulting a wizard can lead to serious con- sequences as well. Wizards and archwizards have normal jobs and real life and therefor they can be bitchy, moody and certainly do not need any mortal aggravation or dis- respect. Many of them have spent thousands of hours working for the game, and should be treated with respect for their efforts. Even though some things might seem unfair from your point of view there most often is a good reason why it was introduced. Tunes, downgrades and such aren't done without careful consideration. While ideas about how to improve the game is allways welcome you'd better think about how you approach the (arch)wizards in question. Flaming him/her will only get you in trouble. //Zonni For example: > Randie tells you 'why couldn't u arrange a wedding for my pal (loborado) he > told that u arch wizards just said that nah we don't feel like it , you're all > just a bunch of lazy fucker pigs' > Randie tells you 'have you got any good reasons?' > Randie tells you 'haista sa vaan paska quadra' > Randie tells you 'ei ole pakko mutta aina vois olla vahan niinku polite alaka > isottele saatanan archwizardin paska vaikka voisitkin poistaa mut niin ma > haistatan sulle pitkat paskat' That isn't the best way to approach an archwizard. We have real life, we have our free time, there is no force in world that forces us to do anything for players if it doesnt fit our plan at that moment. We have already spent thou- sands of hours coding this game for you which you can play for free. You can not expect that that we sit here 24h/day to wait for your requests for help and understanding. Consider this a party which we arrange, if you come here insulting us, the organizers, we are free and happy to kick you out. No matter how much time you have spent for your character. One character doesn't mean much to us. There is over 20 thousand characters and we will remove the ones who are trouble. We do not have to listen those for one minute. ++Quadra

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