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Help: Portals

Intercontinental portals Intercontinental portals are located in the major city on each continent. The portals allow you to teleport instantly from one continent to another, and allow you to reach the etheral city of E'siris. The portals do have a few drawbacks however. To be able to teleport between continents you cannot be carrying anything except for coins and guild objects. This includes items equipped and in your inventory. You will get repelled by the portal if you try to do this. You can, however, be carrying items and take the portal to the city of E'siris. Taking the portal to E'siris also has its own drawbacks. You cannot portal to E'siris if you have used one of the portals within the last 5 minutes (1 bat-hour). This includes portalling from one continent to another, portalling to E'siris, and using the archways in E'siris to return to your originating continent. To use the portals, simply type "portal " from the appropriate room. Taking the portal transports you to the portal room on your destination continent. Here are the locations of the portal rooms on each continent: Desolathya -> Adventurer's guild in Calythien Furnachia -> Adventurer's guild in Rilynt'tar Laenor -> Church of all Gods in Arelium Lucentium -> Central square (City park) in Lorenchia Rothikgen -> Sacred stone ring in Shadowkeep SEE ALSO: help esiris help continents help ferry

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