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Help: Priests

Evil Priests ------------ About the guild: ---------------- The Evil Priests are a small cult specializing in the destruction of life through non-elemental damage. The Evil Priest follows the teaching of Burglefloogah, Demigod of harming. Unlike elemental magic guilds or physical damage specialists, their harm spells cannot be resisted, but they also cannot kill. A priest can harm the enemy to the edge of death, but someone must strike the killing blow. Disciples of the Evil Priests also practice healing magic to replenish health after battle. At lower levels in the priests training, there is an emphasis on more essential skills and spells such as healing and basic harms, but towards the end of the priests training, their training becomes more specialized in the harming magic. A fully versed priest will learn harm body, which is possibly the most damaging spell taught by any guild. This spell can potentially decrease the life force of an individual by up to 50%! Where to find it: ----------------- All Evil Priests must train with their guildmaster, an old priest wandering the badlands in Furnachia. To find this priest, one must travel to Rilynttar and follow the winding road south until reaching a small bridge over a river of lava. The guildmaster can be found northwest of this bridge, wandering in the badlands. One must be careful to avoid the lava and must always bring a waterskin, for the noxious fumes in the badlands can cause dehydration.

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