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Help: Privacy policy

Privacy Policy -------------- Balanced Alternative Techniques ry (B.A.T. ry, hereafter known as BAT) is based in Finland and runs and operates this game, BatMUD. BAT collects and processes various information of you to operate its services. BAT may transfer this data to third parties for the purpose of operating its services. BAT may use your data to provide you with updates about our services or third party services we deem relevant. The information stored contains personal information you have willfully registered to the game and information collected through automated means when using our services. You can review, modify and delete your personal information through the 'register'-command. BAT also collects IP-addresses of clients that connect to our servers. This information is retained for security reasons. In case of a data breach, BAT will notify its users as soon as possible. The Principles -------------- BAT shall so far as is reasonably practical comply with the data protection principles set by governing legislation to ensure that all data is: - Lawfully processed - Relevant and not excessive - Processed in accordance with the data subject's rights - Secure Inquiries regarding the privacy policy are to be directed to SEE ALSO: For information regarding relevant legislation, visit: Last Updated 24.5.2018

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