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Help: Psionicists

The Psionicists --------------- About the guild: ---------------- Psionicists, unlike mages, use the powers of the mind against their foes. This alone makes them a fearsome enemy. They do still abuse and use the power that is the weave as the mages do, but in a different way. They may not be able to set you on fire or freeze you, but having your enemy think what you think, see what you see and able to paralyze you dead in your tracks is a much scarier thought to many people. This power however does not come easily and it requires a lot more studying to learn how to do this than it does to master the magic ways of the brotherhood of sorcery. Psionicists combine the power of mental and physical enhancements with the powers of highly damaging spells. Most psionicists will join the brotherhood also, as some horrific foes such as the undead and abominations with no minds can often resist the powers of the psionicists. They also do practice all of the standard skills of magicians such as the ability to be able to chant spell vocals quicker and being able to hide your intentions from your foes. This guild does require long practice and study, the reputation system for this guild is slow. You need to seize your enemies minds, learning what you can from them. The more you do this, the more you learnt about the minds mental defenses, this helps you to learn how to overcome defenses and do more damage with your mental abilities. There are also some tasks that Tora, the guild master will set you, upon completion of these you will heave gained something vital in your mental training. Psionicists have the abilities to teach spells to other players, and they can then use it once. However the Council of Psionicists can teach their younger members the spell that they have taught them and they can permanently learn it, just not as good as their master however. Where to find it: ----------------- Entering one of the portals to shadowkeep, whether it be from one of the other major cities or a smaller city on the continent you will end up in the centre there. Find yourself to the west gate of shadowkeep and keep following the road west until you reach the end. By the water here is the guild house of the psionicists. Tora resides here, awaiting new psionicists to train in the ways of the mind.Getting a ferry ride to the continent of Rothikgen will also work. However it is much more of a trek to the guild. You will have to follow the trail up to the road, then keep following the road north and northwest. After some time traveling you will see the city of Shadowkeep to your right, follow the road west from here to the end of the road and there is the guild house.

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