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Help: Rangers

Rangers ------- About the guild: ---------------- Rangers are a very versatile guild. They make good offensive fighters, both in groups and by themselves. They have a wide assortment of survival skills as well, being the best fire builders in the game, being able to camp themselves to good shape quickly and picking various plants for themselves or their friends. They can also create torches from scratch - this is something most rangers love to do and they will do thousands of torches for the sheer pleasure of it. A ranger favors the use of two weapons, and can negate his/her offhand penalty. Most rangers use axes, but some prefer long blades. Other weapons are not recommended for them, since their best attack, bladed fury, can only be used with axes or other bladed weapons. Rangers also have a couple of unique and useful skills. Find campsite allows them to store their precious sleeping bags and other ranger items for free, pathfinding makes them ideal for traveling long distances quickly, and mastery of fire building/camping is downright useful in any situation. Rangers also receive a pet bird when joining. The bird is mostly an ornament, providing no combat help or anything, but you can teach emotes to it. The bird grows as their master completes ranger quests and levels up. How to get there: ----------------- To join rangers, you must be nomad and not be a member of the Disciples of chaos. The Guild Hall is located in the highlands of Laenor. Go south and a bit west from Arelium (might be an exhausting trip for low level characters) until you reach the highlands. The ranger guild is located on the northeastern part of the mountain there. If the guild leader Sable is not there to let you join an Elder Ranger can take his place. Also there are ranger trainers on all the continents ask around to find them. If you want to avoid getting wet in the river on the way, follow the road southeast of Arelium until the road crosses the river. Then proceed south (and again, a bit west). Check your map every once in a while to locate the guild easier.

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