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Help: Reavers

The Cult of Reavers ------------------- About the guild: ---------------- The Cult of Reavers is a fanatical religion-based group of warriors focused on destruction. They serve their lord, Azzarakk the Devourer by acting as the balancing force to the creation that goes on every day. By destroying creatures and objects, the Reaver pleases their lord and is granted greater power in return. The Reaver accomplishes these goals through more traditional methods using crushes axes or polearms, but also through the use of powerfully destructive magics. Where to find it: ----------------- Being members of a Cult, their guild is located off of the beaten path on the frontier continent of Desolathya. The long journey starts from the city of Calythien. From here, travel south to a fork in the road and continue west and southwest along the road. Shortly before this road ends there is a rough path that heads south. Just after an intersection on this path there is a large lake with a small mountain range on the south side. It is on the south side of this mountain range that the reclusive group trains their initiates.

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