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Help: Reboot

Reboot, or 'boot' as it is commonly called is when the mud shut downs for a moment, restarts and during this most of the areas are reset; objects on the ground disappear and so on. Items you are WEARING, WIELDING, or have in your INVENTORY will save over reboot! Carried cash (money) saves over reboot. Exceptions to the rule for saving worn/wielded/inventory items: - Items that cannot normally be saved in chest (some keys etc), won't be saved in reboot either. - You are standing in a no-save room. These are quite rare, but to be on the safe side you can check this by typing 'save', if you get 'SAVED.' as a response the room is all good. You can do 'tell damogran boot' for info on next reboot. BatMUD reboots every day at noon EET (Eastern European). A few minutes before reboot, Armageddon arrives to Arelium church and offers you one free teleport to your starting location. Please note that Armageddon cannot transport you out of locations that prohibit teleportation. The way to request this free transport is to tell Armageddon something - such as 'tell armageddon asdfasdf'. See 'help saving items' for related information.

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