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Help: Reimburse

Reimburse policy ================ The administration of BatMUD recognizes the importance of personal assets within the game. As a general rule of thumb, we do not reimburse items/gold/experience that have mysteriously disappeared unless it's a mudwide phenomenon. The first thing to check is the gnomish warehouse in Arelium. Items lost at boot are stored there until the next boot you log in. If you fail to check the warehouse right away, the items will be permanently lost. As with all good rules, this one has its exceptions. In case of an obvious bug or a mudwide crash, the administration may try to restore the mud from backups or restore individual players and rooms, depending on which is more feasable. Do note that BatMUD is a hobby for us archwizards too, just like it is for you who play here. This means that we can not guarantee that we are available to grant restores, it is done on a best- effort basis. If there is a crash, you can request a restore on the bat channel right after the mud has booted up again, and depending on the availability of archwizards, you may or may not receive one. As the data in backups become obsolete with time, restores are only granted immediately after a crash. Asking for a restore days after the crash happened will be pointless. Abusing this hospitality by childishly trying to duplicate items or gold will result in angry archwizards, sitebans, miscarriages and removals. If you have questions about this policy, please contact Zin. ++ Your humble Archwizards

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