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Help: Reimburse log

Some polite tells to archwizard... --------------------------------------------- Xyz tells you 'is my stuff gone permanantly' You tell Xyz 'probably if you cant see it' Xyz tells you 'no... i dont. was hoping to get it back though.' You tell Xyz 'help reimburse' Xyz tells you 'you know as well as i do how that rule is upheld.' Xyz tells you 'i have been around for a while.' You tell Xyz 'what do you mean' Xyz tells you 'i mean that rule is upheld _sometimes_' You tell Xyz 'Don't come telling people you do it to others but not to me. That's paranoidic and unpolite. I do not reimburse and dont have time for it.' Xyz tells you 'and i think that my circumstance is quite valid as a candidate' Xyz tells you 'i contacted a wiz, when i saw it happening and it still happened...' (He thought he had seen a bug that caused him to lose items) Xyz tells you 'i spent a full year collecting that stuff.' Xyz tells you 'dont sit there and tell me who cares' Xyz tells you 'there was _not_a_thing_i_could_do about it' You tell Xyz 'there is nothing I could have done it either' Xyz tells you 'thanks for your understanding.' Xyz tells you 'boy if we met in RL.' You tell Xyz 'welcome to see me' Xyz tells you 'i am sorry all knowing one,' Xyz tells you 'basically some wiz fucked up. now i am fucked.' Xyz tells you 'like i would ever come to your god forsaken home' Xyz tells you 'even if it was to stick my foot up your ass' Xyz tells you 'trust me' Xyz tells you 'check a restore' You tell Xyz 'we dont have time to check restores for all 6800 players when they happen to lose items' Xyz tells you 'i know you know plenty about this game, and if you wanted to, you could easily figure it out' Xyz tells you 'put yourself in my shoes' You tell Xyz 'live with it. put yourself in my shoes. we can't run around restoring items for all 6800 players' Xyz tells you 'this is such freeking bullshit' Xyz tells you 'how the fuck do you think i should feel!!!' You tell Xyz 'im sorrry but i cant help you. live with it' Xyz tells you 'and then you tell me to shut the fuck up??' You tell Xyz 'yep. im really getting annoyed that you waste my time' Xyz tells you 'i am no asshole. i am a person who has been playing this game for 3 fucking years' You tell Xyz 'maybe someone stole the items' Xyz tells you 'i have donated, i have been helpful, i have behaved myself' You tell Xyz 'donation is a donation, you help other players when you donate maybe they will help you getting your items back. I have never got a single penny either from donations.' Xyz tells you 'how would you like it if someone treated you with that kind of disrespect' You tell Xyz 'not to help is not disrespect. we cant help' Xyz tells you 'who the fuck cares who got a penny? i care about the game, and now i ask for it to care about me' You tell Xyz 'you care about a game, but there is just 5 people we should care about 6800 morts. we cant babysit you all. ask players to help you.' Xyz tells you 'jeezus get off your fucking high horse and start thinking like a human being' You tell Xyz 'right. we dont have time and that you dont understand. This is just a game and you dont get it. if you think we are obliged to help you you have attitude problem too.' Xyz tells you 'it might only be text to you, but someone is behind the text writing it' - Later turned out that his friend had taken the equipment. - We dont reimburse things just for this kinds of occasions. we dont want to duplicate good EQ for game for nothing. Maybe you can learn that your friends can steal from you too. - Archwizards have to put up with this shit everyday. We don't want to make it personal, so don't ask personal favours. See Also: help why archwizards are assholes help reimburse This is a real story. Names Changed.

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