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Help: Riftwalkers

The Guild of Riftwalkers ------------------------ About the guild: ---------------- Although the guild has lost much knowledge of how to travel to many different realities and worlds, it has retained the expertise to travel to one particular world. The guild has a symbiotic relationship with the inhabitants of the rift world, which they have learned to control and bend to their will. Once summoned into this reality, the rift entities take on the physical characteristics of one of the four primary elements: air, water, fire, or earth. Rift entities start off as small, weak, and feeble companions. Sharing in the experiences of their master, they grow into powerful allies. It takes a long time for an entity to reach its full potential, so only the most patient and determined should join the guild. The main job of a rift entity is to protect their master from physical harm, while their master bombards their adversaries with powerful offensive spells. Each of the four different entities have their own characteristics; specific information on their abilities is shrouded in secrecy, and is up to the individual riftwalker to discover. Where to find it: ----------------- The guild is housed in a dark sphere floating around the lake to the NW of Shadowkeep. Inside the sphere is a book, amongst other things, which contains information about how the guild works. Anyone having a magical background can join.

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