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Help: Robot

Help Page: robot ----------------------------------------------- Using robot to _play_ is forbidden. You may not let your character on to perform actions when you are not directly involved. That means that automatic scripts that respond to things said or perceived or just automatic scripts that do things in regular (or not regular) intervals are forbidden. It is also forbidden to be idle/inactive and still playing in some way. This includes for example idle-tanking, a tank that just idles in front of a mage who leads the party. Also included is reloc-pole, idling in some strategic room in an area, so partymembers can relocate to you. If you want to play, play. If you don't want to play, don't. Simple. What is NOT forbidden: ------------------------------ Using scripts which get rid of minor annoyances are not considered illegal. This would include the following types of triggers: o Triggers which cause you to drink/eat when you get hungry o Triggers which report your hp/sp and your upcoming ticks o Triggers which just cause you to appear non-idle o Triggers which only initiate communication (inform party members about how well you hit the target, telling someone what the weather in Alaska when asked about it, etc etc) o Triggers which report your prots (when they fall/go up) to you or other partymembers o Triggers which highlite messages o Triggers that pick up stuff you drop In short, the rule applies only to scripts that do stuff while not actively playing, minor helper scripts are allowed. What IS forbidden: ----------------------------- Scripts which initiate mud-actions which affect the game (or characters) in an essential way are forbidden. This would include the triggers which: o cause you to cast spells or use skills based on text-input from the game, or on a delay in your client. (I.e. re-casting a spell when you've casted it once, casting spells when someone tells you to on the party channel, starting off blasts the moment you move into a new room with a monster etc etc) o cause you to move around in the mud (in any way) (Example: fleeing when someone enters the room you are in or following monsters or players ). o triggering 'mining', 'create money', 'money is power' and other similar exp/gold creation skills/spells. o cause you to automatically use items (potions, wands) based on input from the MUD. (Example: Someone summons you and you start zapping them with a wand). USE YOUR HEAD (not to bang it to the wall, but THINK). ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Common sense usually tells you what is forbidden and what is not. If something is in the grey area, one arch can allow it and another won't. So maybe better not do it. Archwizards may zap / delete / banish you for using robots. See also: - help multiple characters - help cheating - help whim death

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