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Help: Rules

The most important rules that you must know while playing BatMUD: o RL (real life) threats are not tolerated o Multiple characters are forbidden, except for one registered "secondary" character per player (help multiple characters) o Exchanging RL goods or services, or goods and services from other mud, into BatMUD goods or services is forbidden (help trading) o Using BatMUD to sell or trade RL goods/services is illegal (help trading) o Extorting money, equipment etc. from others without just reason is illegal (help extortion) o Using robot to _play_ is forbidden (help robot) o Mass murdering and senseless player killing is not tolerated (help player killing) o Lost equipment is not reimbursed (help reimburse) o Wizards are not to give out inside information about things in the game. Asking a wizard to help you cheat is also illegal. (help when to ask a wizard) o You may not post offensive URL links to public channels (help offensive links) o Archwizards are always right (help archwizards are always right) You are strongly advised to read the following help files, not having read them is not an excuse if you do something stupid or illegal. archwizards are always right, bug, death, disclaimer, extortion, faq, flooding, getting started, HELP, immorting, known bugs, lies, lost password, multiple characters, passwords, player killing, politeness, races, reimburse, reporting bugs, robot, rumors, snooping, trading, typo, what if, when to ask a wizard, whim death, whim removal, whining, who to ask and why archwizards are assholes.

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