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Help: Runemages

The Faculte of Runemagi ----------------------- About the guild: ---------------- The Runemages, an order of scholars dedicated to the research of ancient runes and the magic therein, spend their lives exploring ancient trees and stone formations looking for clues to the magic language held within runes. Runemages shun the ways of battle and quick power and devote themselves to the arduous task of learning the mystic runes which give them their power. Once learned, the runes are carved into mysterious stones, often crafted by the Runemage himself. These magical stones are then stored in the Runemage's personal crypt deep within the labrynthine campus. By speaking the runes in various combinations the Runemage can unleash all sorts of magic, from elemental blasts to a variety of protective and informative spells. Where to find it: ----------------- Beneath the great continent of Laenor lies a vast underground complex that holds the campus of the Faculte of Runemagi. The immense network of caverns form a labyrinth that stretches across virtually the entire continent. The entrances to this strange underworld are carefully hidden among mountainous passes. One lies in the mountains to the northeast of the ferry port of Laenor, another lies in mountains southwest of the great city of Arelium. A third entrance can be found far to east of Arelium near the strange valley called the Goddess Garden.

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