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Help: Sabres

The Order of the Shadow Sabres ------------------------------ About the guild: ---------------- This guild is civilized, and civilization means here more than the sole background. Members of the Order of Shadow Sabres (which is a suitably flamboyant name) are dependent on things like fine clothing, good food and other things of the same manner. What is this guild about then, you may wonder? Well, one way to see it would be that it is about skills in melee battle. There are, however, guilds that are much stronger in this aspect... however none of those are available for this particular background. This guild is not just a weaker version of the 'real' tank guilds, there is an original flavor or two in it. Shadow Sabres perform the art of fencing exclusively with short blades, some of which are easy to obtain so they're a nice option to start your game with if you're interested in civilized background. The guild has a reputation system based on completing and participating in general game events. Where to find it: ----------------- The Order of the Shadow Sabres can be found in the heart of Shadowkeep, the major city of the continent of Rothikgen. Magical whirling portal ride to Shadowkeep results you in Shadowkeep Center. Guild is located on the west side of the city on Honor road. The city provides a 'map' for you to find your way around. Should you arrive at the continent by ferry to the Shadowkeep Annex - just follow the faint path starting southbound until you reach a crossing and follow the road signs to reach Shadowkeep. Don't worry, all roads end in there eventually. Shadowkeep city is in the center of the continent, quite afar north from the ferry stop point of view. The guild is located within the conservatorium, west from Honor road. Magnificent hall of the Shadow Sabres' guild is up the 'stairway' from the entrance.

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