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Help: Saving items

Reboot, or 'boot' as it is commonly called is when the mud shut downs for a moment, restarts and during this most of the areas are reset; objects on the ground disappear and so on. All items you are carrying (that save) save over reboot! Carried cash (money) saves over reboot. You can do 'tell damogran boot' for info on next reboot. BatMUD reboots every day at noon EET (Eastern European). To save your stuff you can put it into a chest or a rentroom for when you do not want to or can not carry it. Rentrooms can be found in Arelium in Laenor and Shadowkeep in Rothikgen, they cost 3000/2400 gold per day respectively. Remember that they store up to ten items for 24 hours only. If you do not pick up your stuff before then or prolong the rent, your items are lost. Gone. Alternatively you can find an inn and rent a lodging there. For a small fee all your items and location are saved until the next time you log in. NEW PLAYERS: If you can access Pleasantville, you can stay for 1(one) gold in the Trusted Lockers of Pleasantville, located directly to the north from the Central Square. There is also the Last Keg Inn in Dortlewall that offers accommodation to adventurers. You need a safe place to store your chest in so nobody can steal your stuff. While rentrooms provide you with total protection from thieves, they are quite expensive. If you store your belongings in a chest, you need to provide the protection yourself. Chests can be stored either in playercity rooms, or they can be dug into the ground somewhere in the outworld. The latter is not commonly used since it is quite unsafe. Chests can be bought from merchants, and their cost varies according to how many items they can store. Look at the carts around the major cities, like Arelium, to see if there are any chests for sale, or ask for one on the 'wanted' channel. You can rent or buy a room in a playercity and store your chest there. Playercity costs can vary a lot as they are defined by players. Usually you can find a room for a little above 10k gold per RL month. If you want to buy it, it can cost over ten times as much. If you want to buy a room, make sure to check if the room comes with a guard. You will probably want a guard that can block possible intruders from invading. Guards come in various shapes and forms, and they can be bought from the recruitment office of the playercity. by Shardik Carthaigh (with Malar's help). SEE ALSO newbie, quickstart, reincarnation, bury chest

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