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Help: Senses

Senses Senses are the medium through which every interactive being perceives the observable world. In BatMUD there are five senses that let you receive information about the physical world: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. We also have three senses that let us receive information about non-psychical world(s) and these are: psychic, magic and spiritual senses. It is to be noted that your ability to sense does not actually have to correlate with any of your other abilities related to that same sensory domain ie. you might be able to hit hard even if your sense of touch is not very good and you could be casting the most complex spells even without an extraordinary ability to sense magical things. Your basic sensory abilities depend much on your current race. There are many ways to affect your sensory abilities; you could wear a pair of eyeglasses for example to enhance your ability to see. On the other hand there are certain encounters and events which may alter your abilities to sense. A sudden gust of wind blowing a cloud of sand into your face could diminish your sense of sight significantly for a moment. You can view your current sensory abilities with the command 'show senses'. You can also lite the information which you receive through your senses with different colours with the command 'style'. See 'help style' for correct syntax and examples. SEE ALSO show, style

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