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Help: Ship classes

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BatMUD Ship Help Guide - Ship Classes Class 1: These are small boats, capable of traveling most of the waterways in the Realms. Due to their small size, they are even able of traveling along the streams that crisscross through swampland. However, this also means that they are not large enough to withstand traveling the seas. Class 2: Expanding a class 1 ship involves adding more structural supports to the ship, expanding the deck, and the overall hull size. As a result of the increased size, the ship can support many more features, can travel through the sea safely, but can no longer squeeze through the narrow channels of the swamps. This is the standard class of ship. Class 3: Class 3 ships are the smallest of the 'luxury' line of ships, but are still a lot bigger than class 2s. With the larger crew, the ability to add mages, and the sleeker design, there is no ship faster than a class 3. Class 4: Class 4 ships are the midsize luxury ships. They are larger and hence slower than class 3s, but with the greater crew complement may make up most of the difference. They excel in storage capacity, and can potentially be used as mobile refineries. Class 5: Class 5 ships are warships. They are even larger and slower than class 4s, but benefit from a still larger crew. In particular they have much higher capacaties for offensive and defensive magi. Combined with an extensive array of cannons, they are definitely a ship to be feared. Class 6: Class 6 ships are true dreadnoughts. No smaller ship has a chance in a one on one fight with one of these; indeed, even a two or three on one fight might be difficult to win. However, all this extra power comes at the cost of any 'luxury' space on the ship.

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