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Help: Ship crew loyalty

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BatMUD Ship Help Guide - Ship Crew Loyalty A major component of any ship at sea is the ship's crew. Naturally, the better a captain and his officers take care of the crew or do things that they would consider 'good,' the more loyal they will be. On the contrary, the more things that a captain and his officers do that aren't in line with his crew's views, the less loyal they will be. In addition, crewmembers also maintain 'personalities.' That is, some may have a preference for one type of alignment than the other, being 'navy', 'pirate', or 'merchant navy.' The crew might not necessarily have the same views as their captain, but it's always possible to convert them. Here are some examples of things that affect crew loyalty: Things that may positively affect crew loyalty: -Changing the ship's alignment toward the crew's current personality. -Taking the ship out for a spin on a regular basis. -Winning a battle. -Promoting a crewmember. Things that may negatively affect crew loyalty: -Changing the ship's alignment against the crew's current personality. -Not performing funerals for crewmembers that have passed away. -Getting sunk. -Firing crewmembers or letting them die. Not everything here has been listed, but you may begin to use your imagination. Some actions are alignment-specific, whereas others are not. As a rule of thumb, the more you roleplay your alignment and job as a captain, the more your crew will be fond of you.

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