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Help: Ship crew specials

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BatMUD Ship Help Guide - Ship Crew Specials A list of the different crew specialties. You will have to figure out their particular effectiveness on your own: Master Trainer/Trainer/Apathetic Trainer (level) Morale Officer/Loyalist/Rebel (loyalty) Illusionist/Illusion Breaker (cloaking) Illusion Piercer/Gullible Illusionist (greatersight) Assistant Nav/Apprentice Nav (nav) Master Rebuilder/Rebuilder/Destroyer (repairing) Farseer/Blinder (radar) Master Healer, Healer, Harmer (medic) Master Warden, Warden, Incompetent Deputy (warden) Master Negotiator, Professional Negotiator, Negotiator, Amateur Negotiator (negotiation) Lifetime Specialist (professional sailor, lift mage, boarder, etc.)

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