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Help: Societies

BatMUD has player run societies as well as guilds. People create and join societies for a variety of reasons. Almost all societies have a private channel where you can chat with others in the society. Additionally, your society may offer stat, skillmax, or spellmax rewards that you can take instead of guild levels. Another reason people join societies is to coordinate large equipment monster parties. This can be accomplished verbally by just asking others on the channel if they would like to participate, or you can use a party scheduling system where each member signs up and agrees to be in the game and ready at a specific time. The scheduler system primarily focuses on large parties for complicated monsters, but some societies can also use the to coordinate exploring parties or experience parties. Creating a society means that an individual must spend money. Every option available, from buying a channel to offering levels with stat, skillmax, or spell bonuses costs a little additional cash. Once the society has been created, the creator now holds a rank of "Guildmaster" in that society. The guildmaster can now invite people who wish to join, or even promote current members to the guildmaster status. Multiple guildmasters means that more people can offer invitations, even if the person who originally paid for the society is no longer active in the game. Due to the money involved, many stat/skillmax/spellmax bonus societies ask that members pay a joining fee to help offset thost costs. Societies are marked by a + after the name. So if you enjoy listening to heavy metal, metal+ is where you want to be. You can not join a society until you have taken all of your racial guild levels, so you can start joining them after you reach level 16. A society will not take up your available guild levels unless you deliberately choose to take a level in a society for the stat/spell/skillmax bonuses available. What this means is that if you wish to talk about anime+, metal+, trance+ and other topics as well as join a newbie society that helps you learn about more complicated parties, you will have no limits on the groups you choose to join!

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