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Help: Stats

Stats ======= Players have seven primary statistics: Str - Strength. It affects your endurance point maximum, the power you can put into most combat skills, your ability to shrug off the effects of heavy burdens, and your ability to swing bulky weapons. Strength is most important for warriors and those who need to regularly carry large amounts of items. Dex -- Dexterity. It affects your endurance point maximum, nearly every physical skill, your ability to hit, and your ability to avoid being hit. Dexterity is particularly important to merchants and warriors. Con -- Constitution. It affects your endurance point maximum, your hit point maximum, and a few skills. Constitution helps keep you alive and is important for nearly everyone. Int -- Intelligence. It affects your spell point maximum, the power of most offensive spells, and your ability to hit. Intelligence is very important for spell casters who focus on offensive spells. Wis -- Wisdom. It affects your spell point maximum and the power of most spells. Wisdom is very important for spell casters who focus on protective and healing spells. Cha -- Charisma. It is a measure of your physical appearance, and affects your chances of safely being brought back to life. Your charisma is not a function of training or race, but may be improved by player merchants and reduced by scarring. Siz -- Size. It affects your hit points, how much you need to eat, and your ability to wield large weapons. Size is important for warriors. Derived statistics: Hit points: Hit points are a measure of your character's damage capacity. Your constitution and size contribute to your hit point maximum. Running out of hit points won't instantly kill you, but you will pass into death soon unless someone or something acts to stabilizes you. Your race and background strongly influence the degree to which constitution will add to your hit point maximum. Endurance points: Endurance points are a measure of your character's ability to conduct strenuous activity. Moving through rough terrain and using difficult skills may quickly tire your character out. Running out of endurance points will make most forms of movement unreliable and painful, but is not directly harmful. Spell points: Spell points are a measure the amount of mystical energy your character has access to. Spell points are most commonly used in the casting of spells, but they do have other uses. There isn't really any penalty for using up all of your spell points, aside from the obvious ones caused by being unable to use your magical abilities. Your intelligence and wisdom scores impact how many spell points you can have, and your race and background determine how much they do so. See also: help training points, help healing, help death, score

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