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Help: Study

Training skills and Studying spells Commands: 'train' or 'study' without arguments Shows how much you can learn skills or spells at current guild level in the training room. 'train skillname' or 'study spellname' For example 'train attack' or 'study magic missile' Trains or studies the skill/spell 1%. 'train level' or 'study level' Attempts to train or study all skills and spells that are required to advance the next guild level. 'train everything' or 'study everything' Attempts to train or study all skills or spells that are available at current guild level. Some options: train everything to:80 train everything next:10 train everything to:90 except leadership,tinning If you have over 300k exp on you but not enough for one percent, 250k of can be used in partial train, but in that case you are charged total 300k of exp. Partial train can be uses by typing 'partially' after the skill name. 'train essence eye partially' More examples: 'train attack next:5' Trains attack 5% more or until you hit to set maximum. Your guild level sets the maximum. 'train attack to:40' Trains attack to 40% if you currently have it under 40%. If your current possible maximum is under 40% it trains to current maximum. 'train everything to:80 except leadership,burial_ceremony' Same as above, but trains _everything_ to 80%, except burial ceremony and leadership. 'train bludgeons to:rac' Trains bludgeons to current racial "maximum". If your guild allows it, you can train over that percentage with highly increased cost. 'train attack to:max' Trains attack to current maximum which is defined by guild. ++Brock

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