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Help: Stun

How the stun works in BatMUD ============================ There are six (6) states of being stunned in BatMUD. They limit the capacities of the target increasingly. The different states are roughly as follows. As usual, exact statistics are not provided, however these should clarify the system a bit. The messages to the stunned target are also included. The effects of the stun on a target get worse when the state gets bigger, and are roughly as follows: - you completely lose access to some commands - your movement has a chance to go awry - now and then you just blank out in inaction - some battle related bonuses and skills get penalized - you may lose attacks - you may receive more damage The messages for the states as seen by the person who gets stunned are as follows, in ascending order: You get hit, and your eyes lose focus slightly. You become somewhat confused, losing your edge. Your mind reels and the world becomes blurred. You get hit badly, and have problems staying in balance. You stagger helplessly in pain and confusion. You lose connection to the reality, becoming truly STUNNED. If you receive a stunning blow while you are already stunned, your stun state will leap up. -Shardik & Pahvi-

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