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Help: Tarmalen

The Followers of Tarmalen ------------------------- About the guild: ----------------- Critical to every party is the Tarmalen, the mighty healer of the realms. Tarmalens are given the tools to fulfill the needs and maintain the well being of most people. At first, they are empowered with simple spells like cure light wounds and cure serious wounds, which heals a mediocre amount of wounds for a very relative amount of spell points, and are later granted powers to heal many people at once.. First aid can be used to revive an unconscious friend during their travels. Deaths door can be used to aid an ailing comrade at the brink of falling to celestial realms. Raise dead, resurrect, and new body can be used to revive a fallen player and allow them to continue their adventure while preserving some of their experiences gained and also remove their scars of battle. Also, being able to unstun someone can make the ultimate difference, allowing them to regain their focus on the battle at hand. Party heals can also be cast so that they can heal a bit of each member of their party all at once! Restores can be granted to players who have transfigured themselves from their natural forms or even by the hands of pesky enemies. Where to find it: ----------------- The Tarmalen guild has five possible locations for training and advancement, one on each of the five continents. Each of the four Shrines of Tarmalen offer the ability to advance and train or study a majority of the skills and spells available. However, Ramona is always able to train you in all that is Tarmalen. Ramona, the priestess of the guild, can be found wandering wilderness of Furnachia. Telling Ramona 'where' will give her exact current location, but beware, as she'll drain you of all your endurance. The Spring Tarmalen shrine can be found on the continent of Desolathya, northwest of the ferry. If you take the road northwest from the ferry, continue north until you come to a beaten road. If you cross to a small island, you've gone too far. Travel southwest along that path until you leave the forest and start to enter the swamps. At that point, head east about ten paces and you'll find it. The Autumn Shrine is on the continent of Lucentium, it is a bit of a hike. On the north side of the main city Lorenchia (travel south from the ferry), take the path that leads northwest. It'll stop at the ocean. Gradually work your way across the short channel onto the path on the other side. Continue along and the path will T-off. Take the southwest route. Continue on the path until it blends into the road, continue on the road southwest until you come across another path heading south. Take that south path all the way down and a few steps south and west off the end is the guild. The Summer Shrine is on the continent of Laenor, take the road east from the south crossing of Arelium (right outside of Pleasantville) and south. You'll make a U-shaped trip around a gulf. Continue along this road, skipping the side paths, until the road forks off. You'll have the northwest and northeast choices. Take the northeast route and just 49 steps along that path, you'll see the guild 2 south of you. The Winter Shrine is on the continent of Rothikgen, which is the furthest one to travel to. From the ferry, follow that J-shaped path all the way up to the road. Take the road northwest and follow it all the way up to the fork. You'll have the northwest and northeast choices. Head northwest. You'll end up on the west side of Shadowkeep, the main city of Rothikgen. Head around Shadowkeep onto the road on the North side. Follow that road all the way up until it branches again, head north once it does. Follow the road north again until it branches yet again. Take the northwest branch. Follow the road until you cross a small river. At this point start heading west into the forest. You'll enter a small patch of highlands and the guild will be set against the south side of a small mountain.

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