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Help: Templars

The Templars of Faerwon ----------------------- About the guild: ---------------- The guild of templars, part of a classical combination of war and religion, is based on efficient use of blunt weapons, such as war hammers or maces, along with defensive abilities offered by the shield, both strengthened by the warriors faithful prayers. By that faith, the templar can also help others of his alignment in various ways. The good religious background offers a nice range of good combinations with templars. Templars offer a pretty straightforward, easy to get started kind of guild, specially for those with some experience beforehand. Where to find it: ----------------- Templars guild operates inside a fortress in Desolathya, secluded but not that far from the major city, Calythien. Also there are several trainers, located all around the known world, who can help you with the most dire of need to train, but they cannot give all the benefits that you can gain only from the masters of the guild. To reach the guild itself, take a road south from Calythien, follow through the crossing to southeast until you see a small path leading away from the road, towards a valley between the mountains. Follow the path and keep your stride a bit on the northern side and you should succeed.

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