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Help: Training points

Training points --------------- Training points are a way to customize your characters stats. Starting at level 31, players start getting training points, both from levels and completed levelquests and areaquests. Other types of quests don't give training points. With training points you can raise your stats at adventurers guild. Training happens at advguild with command "train". Just typing train gives you the current stats, racial limiting values (Rac) and cost to train each stat one more point. The Rac value isn't absolute limit, it barely means training beyond that point gets progressively more expensive. Training is simple, just type "train ", stat being one of str, dex, con, int or wis. You can also check the cost of training a stat to whatever amount with tcost (eg. tcost train dex to 50). NOTE: Training a stat when you have stat drains cleans up those drains. This means that training stats while they are drained gets you the stat raises cheaper, but prevents you from recovering the drained stat with other methods later on. Quests and training points: When a player reaches level 31, (s)he gets points for all completed areaquests, and completed lqs between from level 16 to 31. When advancing further levels, the player is awarded training points from each levels completed levelquest. If you complete an areaquest at higher levels, you get the training points right away. You get 20 training points for every level between 31 and 90, and 25 each for levels 91-100. Quests give varying amounts of training points depend on the difficulty level of the quests, ranging from 2 points of easy quests to 10 points from IMPOSSIBLE quests. SEE ALSO quests, levels

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