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Help: Tzarakk

About the guild: ---------------- The Slaves of the Beastmaster are but a part of the Legions of Chaos. Completely devoted to Tzarakk, these hardy warriors spread chaos and destruction across the Realms and their Master's rule thereby. The boon bestowed by Tzarakk on these followers takes the form of a fell beast of pure evil, a faithful mount that feeds off Chaos, which is its essence. The warrior is able to mount the beast, but must relinquish the spirits and the very corpses of his slain enemies to his steed. This creature consumes both, and with time grows larger in size and power. The creature may take various forms, such as that of a horse, a unicorn or a wyrm (and others besides) and is devoted to its master in the same way as its master is devoted to his Deity. These warriors are very skilled in mounted combat, being in effect the evil equivalent of Knights.   Where to find it: ----------------- Those set on following the path of Chaos must find the Temple of Chaos, located on the harsh and forbidding continent of Furnachia, near the city of Rilynt'tar. Grimoor, the Guildmaster of all disciples of Chaos, will initiate you into the guild. Be warned however, that becoming a disciple is only the first step. Further training must be acquired on the continent of Lucentium, south of the city of Lorenchia. It is there that sacrifices are performed and ultimate power received.

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