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Help: Wand

Item: wand Command: zap Arguments: Target of zap and the wand that is used. Target is optional., Skill: zapping Purpose: Wand is an advanced item that stores spells. To use the spell inside the wand you must give command zap. "Zap you wand." zap with or zap with You can give alias name for your wand (only for zapping) and then you can use the alias name insted. name as Delay: When zapping a wand it takes a while for the wand to charge up. If you are proficient with zapping (40+), you are able to focus on other actions while the wand is activating. Examples: zap me with runed silver wand zap with brass wand name brass as foo =(and after this)=> zap foo NOTE!! Wands are known to be extremely dangerous items. It is always safe to carry one wand, but without high zapping things get risky. If you have too many wands in your inventory they may explode and consequences are dangerous.

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