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Help: Wanderers

The Wanderer's Guild -------------------- About the guild: ---------------- The Wanderers Guild is unique in the realms of BatMUD in that it is the only guild to specialize in magical methods of intercontinental travel. This guild is only open to those who have already learned more traditional methods of magical transportation, and who have explored the realms more deeply than many others. With the use of magical vortexes, Wanderers can teleport themselves or others between continents, or even open up a temporary gateway between two continents. You must be a member of the Mystical Navigators and have explored 19 particularly special places of the world to join. Where to find it: ----------------- To find the guild of the Wanderers, follow the road south out of the city of Rilynt'tar, on the continent of Furnachia. It will soon change to a path, but keep following it south and east. As the path turns to the east, keep the mountains and highlands to your north and the swamps to the south. The path will turn southwards thru a dismal swamp, but don't loose heart. As you leave the swamp and enter the hills you will find the entrance to the maze that leads to the guild on a small shoulder of the mountain range that runs from the northwest to the southeast.

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