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TWO-HANDED SWORD (long blade) ============================= Weight: ~7 kg Rank(s): 1st row The two-handed sword is a derivative of the long sword. Weaponsmiths have always looked for ways to improve existing weapons. In an effort to improve the long sword, the blade was lengthened (having a longer reach than one's enemy is always preferable). Eventually, the handle had to be extended and two hands became necessary in order to properly swing the sword. The primary function of two-handed swords is cleaving mounted knights and breaking up pike formations. The blade on the two-handed sword is a long, double-edged blade. The blade point may be sharp or rounded. The hilt has straight or slightly curved quillons. The pommel may be faceted, triangular, or pear shaped, though whatever the shape, it tends to get larger toward the top, as a counterbalancing measure. As its name implies, this sword is a two-handed weapon and cannot be used in one hand, even if the wielder has high Strength. The weapon and its hilt are balanced for two-handed use. A normal fighter wielding a two-handed sword cannot use a shield. Although very big sized entities can use this with one hand, impressive enough. An average two-handed sword measures five to six feet in length. It is a favored weapon among foot soldiers. Some skill(s) usable with the weapon: Decapitate, long blades and slash. See also: Bastard sword, claymore, falchion, flamberge, katana, longsword, no-dachi and shovel.

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