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Help: Weapon battle mace.txt

BATTLE MACE (bludgeon) ========================= Weight: ~5 kg Rank(s): 1st row Battle maces originated as heavy wooden truncheons, about two and a half feet in length and covered with iron studs. As time went by, flanged heads similar to the horsemen's mace were used instead. This mace is a two-handed weapon. There are two different types of battle maces: an emergency weapon made from materials at hand and thrown together by a blacksmith, and the maces made by professional weaponsmiths for troops. The hasty, emergency maces are usually a wooden handle with any sort of metal head attached. Some skill(s) usable with the weapon: Battlecry, bludgeons, lure, pound and pulverize. See also: Blackjack, staff, jo, ice pick, whip, club, hammer, pick, cudgel, warhammer, morningstar, mace, war mattock, flail and maul.

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