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Help: Weapon cleaver.txt

CLEAVER (slashing) ================== Weight: ~4 kg Rank(s): 1st row Though the cleaver is a one-handed weapon, its longer handle, which gives it good momentum, is not a good horseman's weapon, as the wielder has to put a lot of his weight into the swing, something hard to do from a saddle. It is also useless as a missile weapon. Still, its damage is respectable, and it looks nasty, especially the dwarven styles. A cleaver is good for the foot soldier or adventurer who needs to strike at a large creature or at someone on horseback. Cleavers are good for their percussive and cutting effects against armor. If adventurers want to use a cleaver and still gain some measure of protection, it is wise to fight alongside a companion who is armed with a sword and shield. The companion acts as the cleaver-wielder's defense while the latter is busy chopping away. This is a good exercise in teamwork, which may keep both adventurers alive much longer. As for dwarves, their center of gravity is low enough that they can swing a cleaver and not topple over from the momentum. It is a fine weapon for hewing the legs of a giant out from under him, and it is a weapon that lets one put all of his or her weight into the swing. Some skill(s) usable with the weapon: Axes, battlecry, bladed Fury, cleave, lure and reaving. See also: Aklys, tomahawk, hand-axe, battleaxe and great axe.

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