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Help: Weapon gisarme.txt

GISARME (polearm) ================== Weight: ~4 kg Rank(s): 1st and 2nd row Also called the guisarme or the giserne, the gisarme is an elaborately curved blade, much like the crescent blade of an axe, attached to a six-foot long staff. Thrusting spikes are often attached to the top of the shaft. The gisarme is supposed to have come from the farmer's pruning hook. The weapon may have contributed to the development of the berdysh and the halberd. Some skill(s) usable with the weapon: Battlecry, impale, lure, mangle and polearms. See also: Javelin, short spear, harpoon, ranseur, boar spear, bardiche, long spear, fauchard, trident, glaive, pilum, pike, voulge, halberd and lance.

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