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Help: Weapon glaive.txt

GLAIVE (polearm) ================ Weight: ~4 kg Rank(s): 1st and 2nd row The glaive is a pole weapon with a large head shaped like a knife or a sword mounted on an eight- to ten-foot long shaft. The blade usually turns outward in order to increase the cutting area. Some glaives are fitted with flukes. Overall, the glaive's damage potential is not spectacular, but its long reach makes up for this. It effectively takes a normal sword blade and gives it a great reach. Some skill(s) usable with the weapon: Battlecry, impale, lure, mangle and polearms. See also: Javelin, short spear, harpoon, ranseur, boar spear, bardiche, long spear, fauchard, trident, gisarme, pilum, pike, voulge, halberd and lance.

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